$PAPER is required for the PoL network validators to stake. It is also used as a cross-chain token for AnyToAny's swaps. PAPER is a great example of a cross-chain token that can be built using CryptoLink's messaging system.
  • Cap: 50 Million
  • Tax: No buy, sell, transfer, or LP taxes
  • Bridging Fee: 0.5%
  • Emissions: Swap for PAPER from a liquidity pool or stake LP tokens to earn blockchain native coins (MATIC, AVAX, FTM, etc).
  • Rewards: Stake PAPER-Native LP to be rewarded in blockchain native coins.


PAPER tokens are transferable across all AnyToAny supported chains. In a cross-chain transfer, PAPER tokens are burned on the source chain, and minted on the destination chain. There are no net changes in the total supply of PAPER tokens across all chains when transferring tokens.
PAPER is paired with the blockchain native gas coin on each blockchain that CryptoLink resides. When the market goes up or down, the PAPER token will follow (assuming no other buys / sells).
When buys or sells occur, they generate arbitrage opportunities. DeFi users can purchase PAPER on the lower cost chain and sell it for a profit on the higher cost chain. This action encourages an equilibrium of token prices across supported chains.
PAPER is burned via various means inside the protocol to make it deflationary.
Please see Community Rewards for information on how LPs will be rewarded in the new system.


PAPER is a decentralized utility contract utilizing the ERC20 smart contract capabilities combined with additional technologies to transfer information between blockchains and between smart contracts within a blockchain.
Any tokens in existence were originally acquired for free, without any renumeration to the project or anyone associated with the project, or to any other entity related to the project of any kind. No funds have been raised or invested in the process of creating this system by people outside of the project. There has never been a venture capital injection, ICO, or any other type of raise.
If you consider PAPER or INK an investment or are in a jurisdiction that could classify PAPER or INK as an investment or monetary instrument, you are not authorized to utilize the features of this protocol, or interact with any of the associated contracts or technologies, as your usage is not compatible with the design and intent of the system.