Cross-Chain Cosmonauts


CryptoLink is proud to announce the Cross-Chain Cosmonauts NFT series! These NFTs will be able to freely travel across chains once PaperDEX is launched! They will give discounts on the AnyToAny, discounts to TBaaS Clients, and provide additional membership benefits for other protocols partnered with CryptoLink.
There will be 100 NFTs available on the 10 chains that CryptoLink is on, totaling 1,000 NFTs*.
  • NFTs are random mint - meaning that you could receive any of the three tiers, Space Bound, Solar Traveler, or Inter-Dimensional Explorer.
  • The NFTs will be activated by zapping 100 INK on the chain that the NFT was minted on. Once activated, the NFT's effects go live.
  • The NFTs will provide discounts to AnyToAny and PaperDEX once launched. Bridge your NFT to the source chain of your transaction for the discount to be applied. Trading fee discounts are stackable, meaning that you have up to a 100% trading fee reduction. By having a 100% fee reduction, internal swaps managed by CryptoLink will be free.
  • NFT Competitions: Get ready for Cross-Chain NFT competitions! Individuals who transact the most NFT volume will receive additional bonuses and airdrops. Parameters of the competitions may vary over time to better include all NFT holders!
  • Lending: NFTs will be made available to lend to projects who sign-up for CryptoLink's Trustless Bridging as a Service. Users will be able to earn income by renting their NFT to TBaaS clients.
  • Special Roles: Verify your NFT in our discord page for a special role! These roles will be eligible for exclusive airdrops giveaways of other utility NFTs that CryptoLink purchases with its Treasury.


Inter-Dimensional Explorer
  • 2 mints/chain
  • 80% off AnyToAny + PaperDEX fees (stackable)
  • 5% off TBaaS transaction fee (stackable)
Inter-Dimensional BSC.png
Inter-Dimensional BSC.png
Solar Traveler
  • 18 mints/chain
  • 40% off AnyToAny + PaperDEX fees (stackable)
  • 2% off TBaaS transaction fee (stackable)
Solar Traveler Polygon.png
Solar Traveler Polygon.png
Space Bound
  • 80 mints/chain
  • 20% off AnyToAny + PaperDEX fees (stackable)
Space Bound Fantom.png
Space Bound Fantom.png


Say that an avid crypto trader, call him "Austin", mints 4 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. He mints them like so: Solar Traveler, Space Bound, Space Bound, Space Bound. In order to realize the NFT rewards, Austin must first activate each NFT by staking 100 INK per NFT on the Polygon blockchain. Austin activates the 3 Space Bound tiers.
Since the NFT's discount perk stacks, Austin's total discount on AnyToAny + PaperDEX will be 60%. The Solar Traveler tier's discount (40%) is not applied since that NFT has not been activated.
Austin now activates the Solar Traveler NFT by staking 100 INK on Polygon. He now has a 100% discount on CryptoLink's AnyToAny and PaperDEX on the Polygon blockchain. Austin makes a swap from $MATIC on Polygon to $BNB on the Binance Smart Chain. Austin will only pay the blockchain gas fee for this transaction out of Polygon. All other fees charged by AnyToAny + PaperDEX will be waived.
Now assume Austin decides he wants to make another swap. He wants to swap $FTM on the Fantom blockchain to $AVAX on the Avalanche blockchain. To enable discounts, Austin must bridge his 4 NFTs from the Polygon blockchain to the Fantom blockchain. Once his NFTs are on Fantom they do not need to be activated again -- NFTs only need to be activated once.
The NFT supply is hard capped at 100 NFTs per chain. Do not expect a new NFT series for all future chains. CryptoLink reserves the right to mint additional NFTs on new blockchains - this will be determined by the executive team and by popular demand. The Cross-Chain Cosmonauts series is meant to be exclusive.