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Earn Revenue While Adding Utility

CryptoLink's AnyToAny iframe widget offers a high level of customization that allows other projects to align the widget's appearance and functionality with their branding needs. The widget serves as an interface for the AnyToAny service, bringing its powerful cross-chain capability right into your platform while preserving your unique brand identity.

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    Input a wallet address to receive rewards. AnyToAny rewards 5% of all generated fees through the widget. More volume = More rewards.
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    The default "AnyToAny" logo can be replaced with your own logo! Input a URL to your logo.
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    The next two settings are used to specify which chains and tokens that appear when the AnyToAny widget is first interacted with. For both the source and destination chains, specify the chain ID and the token address to swap to/from.
The source and destination chain IDs are numbers associated with each chain. Each chain you connect to in your wallet has its own unique chain ID. For example:
Ethereum’s chain ID is 1, Polygon's chain ID is 137, and Binance Smart Chain’s ID is 56.
You can see all the chain IDs on a website called https://chainlist.org/ Note: If your desired token is not listed on AnyToAny and you would like to see it added. Please contact the CryptoLink team.
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    Choose a width and height for the widget. Units can be specified in px, %, or vh suffixes. See here for more information.
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    Specify the background color, the token list background color, and the token list backdrop opacity. Test different values using the "preview" tab.
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    Preview the widget. Once satisfied, copy the code snippet and inject it into your site. The iframe code snippet can easily be dropped into website builders such as GoDaddy, Wix, or Webflow.