Guidelines for Cross-Chain Messaging Integrations

Step 1: Get on Testnet
  • Before initiating co-marketing efforts, ensure your project is active on the testnet. CryptoLink will only engage in co-marketing activities once this milestone is achieved.
Step 2: Confirm with CryptoLink
  • Coordinate with CryptoLink to align our co-marketing strategies. This collaboration ensures that the messaging and timing of announcements can be synchronized.
Step 3: Announcement(s)
  • As the integrating party, you are responsible for making the first public announcement of any integration. Following your announcement, CryptoLink will issue a follow-up integration announcement.
  • Ensure that all communications are clear, professional, and accurately represent the nature of the integration.
When referring to your relationship with CryptoLink in any form of communication, it is important to use the term "service provider" rather than "partner." This distinction is crucial for accurately representing our business relationship. Incorrectly labeling the relationship as a partnership could imply shared liabilities and responsibilities.
Alternatively, you may describe your project as a "client" of CryptoLink. This accurately reflects the nature of our relationship, similar to how using a software doesn't establish a partnership with its developer.

Official Partners Disclaimer

Please note that the only authoritative source for information regarding official partnerships with CryptoLink is our official documentation. Any claims of partnership not explicitly listed in our documentation should be considered unverified and potentially inaccurate. We encourage all readers to refer directly to our official documents for the most current and reliable information about our official partners.