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$INK is the "OG", governance, and auxiliary token.

  • Cap: 100,000 per chain. Most chains are capped at a lower amount.

  • Tax: No buy, sell, transfer, or LP taxes

  • INK is not bridgable.

  • Emissions: CryptoLink reserves the right to emit INK on new blockchains.

  • Rewards: Stake INK-Native LP to be rewarded in blockchain native coins (MATIC, AVAX, FTM, etc).

  • 1 INK = 1 Vote


The INK token is the "OG", governance, and auxiliary token of the CryptoLink ecosystem. The INK token is a way the community can participate in the protocol. INK is not intended to be traded frequently, rather, it is designed to be held long-term by DeFi users who believe in the project.

The INK circulating supply will be LESS THAN 100,000 INK on each chain indefinitely. CryptoLink may offer INK on future chain launches, however, this right is reserved. Upon the conclusion of the bear market, INK holders will be given voting rights within the protocol. Voting will be conducted via a snapshot link of all the staked INK-Native tokens.

Additionally, CryptoLink may give INK holders extra blockchain native rewards based on overall protocol health and growth. These extra rewards will be variable and can scale from zero upwards.

Please see Community Rewards for information on how LPs and INK rewards will function in the new system.


INK will not be emitted on any more chains. It may be able to be one-way warped to get to a new chain.

Any tokens in existence were originally acquired for free, without any renumeration to the project or anyone associated with the project, or to any other entity related to the project of any kind. No funds have been raised or invested in the process of creating this system by people outside of the project. There has never been a venture capital, ICO, or any other type of raise.

If you consider PAPER or INK an investment or are in a jurisdiction that could classify PAPER or INK as an investment or monetary instrument, you are not authorized to utilize the features of this protocol, or interact with any of the associated contracts or technologies, as your usage is not compatible with the design and intent of the system.

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