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Fee Structure

The Structure

CryptoLink's AnyToAny imposes fees to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Liquidity providers, for instance, gather swap fees from trades with pools, incentivizing them to supply liquidity for trades. Here's a simplified look at the fee structure:
  1. 1.
    Intrachain Swaps: - FREE - AnyToAny does NOT charge fees for swapping intrachain.
  2. 2.
    Bridge Fees: A 0.5% fee is applied to cross-chain bridge transfers.
  3. 3.
    Minimum Bridge Fee: $0.25 - This fee is applied as a lower bound. It is NOT an additional fee.
Illustration of User's End-to-End Bridging Fees


Below is a breakdown of different swapping scenarios.
Type of Transfer
Description of Scenario
Fees Charged By AnyToAny
Routing between other DEXs
Swapping for PAPER
Blockchain native token to Blockchain native token
$0.25 or 0.5%
Any token to Any token
$0.25 or 0.5%
Fees displayed in the above tables are fees charged by AnyToAny. Other fees will be incurred when swapping into the liquidity pools of other DEXs.
For example, the first scenario describes a transfer where CryptoLink's auto-routing technology is used to route between 2 DEXs on the same chain. AnyToAny will not charge for this routing. However, other DEXs will have trading fees that we cannot control. The "Illustration of User's End-to-End Bridging Fees" image assumes other DEXs charge a 0.3% swap fee.