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Revolutionizing Cross-Chain Swaps

Welcome to the Future of Cross-Chain Transactions.

CryptoLink is proud to introduce, a revolutionary platform that simplifies cross-chain operations. Built on CryptoLink's advanced instant bridging technology, offers a seamless one-click experience that allows users to instantly swap any token on any chain for any other token on a different chain.

The Power of One-Click Swaps

At the heart of is the promise of speed and convenience. The platform uses CryptoLink's cross-chain messaging layer (TBaaS) to deliver a transaction experience like no other. Unlike traditional bridges with their associated wait times, bypasses these delays, offering users instant transactions across chains. Bridging happens at the speed of blockchain finality.

Imagine holding FTM on the Fantom chain and wanting to swap it directly for MATIC on the Polygon chain. With, this swap can happen instantly with just one click. The possibilities are only limited by the chains that we are deployed on.

DEX Aggregation + Bridge

DEX aggregators source liquidity from different DEXs and thus offer users better token swap rates than they could get on any single DEX. DEX aggregators have the ability to optimize slippage, swap fees, and token prices.

A DEX aggregatorโ€™s main task is to provide better swap rates than any specific DEX in the shortest possible time. Other major tasks are protecting users from price impact and reducing the probability of failed transactions.

AnyToAny leverages the power of DEX Aggregation coupled with one-click instant bridging.

The Interconnection between the Bridge and PAPER Token

AnyToAny uses CryptoLink's utility token, PAPER, to transfer value across chains.

In the course of a cross-chain transaction, CryptoLink's messaging software is put into action. As a transaction is initiated, the algorithm burns PAPER tokens on the source chain and sequentially mints them on the destination chain.

The PAPER tokens are then swiftly converted into the native gas coins of the destination chain and subsequently swapped for the desired token.

The complete transaction, from burning PAPER on the source chain to receiving the desired tokens on the destination chain, happens so rapidly that it's often completed before you can switch chains in your wallet.

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