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Security Layers

CryptoLink's cross-chain network is designed to be decentralized in order to protect against allowing unauthorized or fraudulent messages. Four (4) independent layers of validation are used.
In order for a transaction to be processed, it must pass ALL of the following layers with 51% consensus in EVERY layer.
  • CryptoLink Validators - operated by CryptoLink
  • Industry Validators - operated by auditing companies, select projects, CEXs, etc.
  • Client Validators - operated by client projects utilizing TBaaS
  • PoS Community Validators - Available to the public + projects
The first three layers are "no stake, no reward". These can be considered "Proof of Authority" or "Proof of Reputation" layers. The 4th layer is a Proof of Stake (PoS) layer open to the community in order to further decentralize the cross-chain message validation. Please see the below image for an illustration.
Bridge Security Mechanism