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AnytoAny for your project!
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Earn Revenue While Adding Utility

CryptoLink's widget offers a high level of customization that allows users to align the widget's appearance and functionality with their branding needs. This widget serves as an interface for the AnyToAny service, bringing its powerful cross-chain capability right into your platform while preserving your unique brand identity. Here's a more technical perspective on how you can customize the widget:
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    Branding: The widget allows for extensive customization of visual elements. You can adjust colors, typography, and layout to match your brand aesthetic. You can place your brand logo, adjust button styles, and even modify the color scheme to ensure the widget fits seamlessly within your website.
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    CSS Customization: For more advanced customization, the widget supports the addition of custom CSS. This means you can create a separate CSS file with styles that override the default look and feel of the widget. You can drop this CSS script into the iframe containing the widget to apply your custom styles.
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    Functionality Adjustments: Beyond aesthetics, you can also customize the functionality of the widget. For example, you can specify which chains to support for the AnyToAny service to better suit your platform's needs.
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    Monetization: The widget isn't just customizable—it's also a potential revenue source. Widget deployments earn rewards based on cross-chain volume. Specifically, 5% of all collected cross-chain fees are rewarded to the owner of the widget. This provides an additional incentive for integrating the widget into your platform.
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    Embedding: To embed the widget into your website, you will need to include an iframe in your HTML where the 'src' attribute points to the CryptoLink widget URL. The widget will then appear at the specified location on your webpage, functioning as an integral part of your site.
CryptoLink's widget is designed to be a highly adaptable tool that can be tailored to meet a broad range of branding and functionality requirements. There is no need for users to leave your dApps anymore.

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