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What Can You Build?

CryptoLink's network is designed to enable secure cross-chain communication for Web3, which is critical for developers who are looking to build dApps that are not limited to a single chain. The service allows developers to tap into a full cross-chain ecosystem, presenting a range of extendable options to meet various needs and applications.

What's Possible?

Cross-Chain NFTs

CryptoLink's infrastructure can enable the creation and management of cross-chain Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), thereby allowing artists and collectors to interact with NFTs across multiple blockchains, increasing market reach, adding creative avenues, and minimizing silo-risk.

Rebroadcast Oracle Data

Oracle data can be broadcasted across many EVM chains using CryptoLink's decentralized network. The oracle owner can be given the ability to run their own "layer" for additional validation.

Multi-Chain ICOs

For projects looking to raise capital through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), our network offers the ability to conduct multi-chain ICOs for both tokens and NFT collections. This feature allows projects to tap into different communities across various blockchains, thereby maximizing potential contributions and expanding the project's visibility.


Cross-chain lending platforms can be built to allow users to lend and borrow assets across different blockchains. This opens up new opportunities for earning interests and improving the efficiency of capital utilization in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

Arbitrage Bots

Arbitrage opportunities across multiple chains can be identified and capitalized upon using bots built with cross-chain messaging. These bots can help traders and investors maximize their profits by taking advantage of price discrepancies across different chains. For more on arbitrage, click here.

Unified Metaverses

Build metaverses that span across multiple chains, creating a truly interconnected virtual world. This can lead to more engaging and immersive experiences for users, who can interact with different chains seamlessly within the same metaverse.

Social Media Notifications

Create social media notifications that are triggered by cross-chain events. For example, a user could receive a notification on their social media platform of choice whenever a particular token transfer occurs across different chains. This offers a new level of engagement and interactivity for users involved in the cross-chain ecosystem.