Incorporating Zealy for Enhanced Community Engagement

CryptoLink recognizes the value of an engaged and active community. To foster this, we've chosen to integrate Zealy, a platform that drives community growth through gamified tasks and competitive leaderboards. Join the CryptoLink Zealy Here!

Gamification and Rewards

CryptoLink will create a variety of tasks for our community members through Zealy. Completing these tasks will result in rewards, fostering a sense of achievement and active participation. Zealy's automation of these processes ensures scalability and efficiency.

Competitive Engagement

Zealy's competitive nature will incentivize members to complete tasks and ascend the leaderboards. Regularly resetting leaderboards will sustain engagement and allow us to identify our most active users.

Streamlined Onboarding

CryptoLink will leverage Zealy to enhance our onboarding process, fostering a swift transition for new members to become active contributors. In summary, the integration of Zealy aligns with our vision of being a community-led organization, aiding us in building a vibrant and engaged community that will play a crucial role in CryptoLink's future.