In our continuous effort to enhance user experience and create a multifaceted ecosystem, we are thrilled to introduce the "CryptoLink Games". A unique blend of entertainment and DeFi, CryptoLink Games provide an engaging way to interact with the platform, stake tokens, and win exciting rewards. CryptoLink Games is divided into two fun and rewarding categories: The Raffle and The Stake-Off.


Our Raffle game is a simple yet enticing way to win a range of rewards including $USDC, $PAPER, NFTs, and much more. Users stake raffle tickets that they have received from various CryptoLink initiatives such as giveaways, Zealy campaigns, contests, etc. The more tickets you stake, the higher your chances of winning, making every interaction with CryptoLink a potential avenue for rewards.
Raffle tickets are given in the form of NFTs that can be deposited on the CryptoLink Games tab of the website. Search through the chains to find an open game.


The Stake-Off takes staking to a whole new level. Users stake a specified amount of PAPER and brace themselves for a thrilling contest of endurance and strategic timing. The game's premise is simple yet engaging: the last person staked wins! The rewards? They are as enticing as the Raffle, with winners having the chance to walk away with USDC, PAPER, NFTs, and more.
Our vision for CryptoLink Games is to further enhance our users' engagement with the platform while offering them additional avenues to earn rewards. Through these games, we aim to foster a sense of community, inject some fun into DeFi, and continue to push the boundaries of what our ecosystem can offer. So, whether you are a serious DeFi enthusiast or someone looking for a fun (and possibly rewarding) diversion, CryptoLink Games has something for you.