Where we are Heading
Present Day
  • CryptoLink is currently in it's v2 state. We can launch on any EVM chain automatically with 3 Bridge Validators staked on that chain. We can also launch on any non-EVM chain with very simple development work, as we have drivers built-in for most of the main non-EVM chains (Solana, Cardano etc.)
Milestone: Launch AnytoAny.io
  • Status: AnytoAny.io will include a deployable widget that other projects can utilize to bring instant cross-chain swaps to their ecosystems. The completion is estimated to be ~Q2/Q3 2023.
Milestone: Upgrade to V3 Bridge Validator Network
  • Status: We currently have approximately 25 node operators staged on the testnet and awaiting the upgrade.
Milestone: PaperDEX Launch
  • Status: PaperDEX will be a customizable modular DEX. We have a couple of projects in line that want to migrate their liquidity to the DEX. This technology could potentially be adapted to other DEXs if there is an opportunity to be had.
Milestone: Centralized Exchange Listing
Milestone: Deploy PaperChain Supernet