Partnerships & Collaborations

Below you will find a brief description of CryptoLink's official partnerships.

Gauss Blockchain

Gauss is a curated Layer-1 Blockchain built for the protection of branding. CryptoLink is excited to be one of the sponsored bridging solutions in and out of the Gauss ecosystem and is currently the only non-stable coin bridging option there. The CryptoLink team works closely with their CEO to provide the best possible service to the Gauss ecosystem as well as the CryptoLink community.

Cardinal House

Cardinal House is a marketing company focused on web3 promotion over social media. Cardinal House and CryptoLink teams have partnered in a very robust relationship that makes CryptoLink the sponsored cross-chain solution in the Cardinal House community and Cardinal House a center for CryptoLink events and updates. Both teams share marketing strategies with each other.

KC Consulting

CryptoLink has partnered with KC Consulting for top-tier strategic advising in all things Crypto and business. Cyril, the CEO of KC Consulting, has an extensive background in building both TradFi and Crypto entities and has offered an immense amount of help thus far. CryptoLink works closely with Cyril on a few of his own projects as well.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is a non-governmental, self-established organization that brings together all of the necessary resources and infrastructure to ensure a thriving, secure, and ethical environment epitomizes the foundation of Web3. The project’s core purpose is to foster business innovation, excellence, and best practices within the blockchain ecosystem for the benefit of humanity through providing quality assurance management to businesses and projects using Aegis, a standardization framework. CryptoLink is an active participant in The Pantheon's QA program and would recommend it to other projects within the space.